My first wife was psychic…it didn’t last.

Hi! My name is Ray Adler.  In 1995 I was at a major crossroad in my life and needed answers.

In the early 1990’s, my (first) wife displayed an ability to know what I was dreaming and thinking. I honestly had no idea how she got in my head. Soon after my marriage was dissolving. During this time I was lonely, angry and lost. I desperately wanted to know the future. Will we get back together, should we, will I meet someone new, will I get a new job, should I move? I was re-evaluating everything and searching for answers.

This started me on a journey. An attempt to discover if things like precognition, intuition or psychic ability were real. I needed to find answers. I decided to create a video about intuition. I had found most of the people who claimed these abilities were fake. I wasted a lot of time and money trying to find someone else with this gift. In my many encounters, I only found one “psychic” that intrigued me. A European lady in town for a short stay, had me pick 8 colored bottles, out of a possible 300 or more. Immediately, she knew the goals I was aiming toward. She said “ You are trying to merge the philosophies of east and west, you are doing it with some type of media.” I was so blown away! She had captured exactly what I was trying to do, but said it more eloquently then I had could have. At the time I was planning the project and told no one that I was about to start working on the Intuition video.

Not long after, I learned about the “Intuition at Work” conference in Denver, Colorado. Many of instructors there were Ph.D. ’s or had other impressive credentials . I was able to ask them to describe how they go about developing their intuition (gut instinct) and how to use it to make decisions.

I interviewed them and created the Improving Your Intuition video and Develop Your Intuition: Decision Making Made Easy course from those interviews. The video changed the way I make decisions and it will do the same for you

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