All successful people are intuitive… are you?

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Decision Making Made Easy in 60 Seconds

Tips for Improving your intuition and making smart decisions:1. Learn to be an observer of people and situations. You need to detach yourself from your feelings in order to make effective decisions and predictions.2. Understand the difference between impulse and intuition. Intuition does not come usually with highly charged emotion. 3. Meditate.4. Keep a journal of your hunches and you will learn how often you are right.5. Have fun with it, taking things too seriously locks us into logic and blocks intuition. BEING ANGRY OR UPSET BLOCKS INTUITION! Take a page from, a book called, “The Very Rich Book”, interviews with very rich people. They all say, I treat life like a game. You don’t take it so seriously.6. Be patient. Learning to trust your intuition is a lifelong processLearn to connect your logic and intuition and make smart decisions! Click for more aboutthe "Improving Your Intuition: Decision Making Made Easy" video. The video feaures nine teachers who share secrets to unlocking intuition, creativity and innovation. The video has been selling since 1997 and is streaming on Amazon for only .99 cents! here: why 30,000+ have watched the video since 1997. Also available is our Udemy course with chapters for easy viewing and bonus content; 75% discount: Code: fb10

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