All successful people are intuitive…are you?

Learn how to use and improve your intuition.

This video course will teach you:

  • How to be Decisive!

  • Creative problem solving

  • Decision making exercises 

  • How to strengthen and use your intuition

  • How to cultivate creativity and innovation

  • How to be intuitive for others

  • How to use intuition in Business and Investing

How to Use and Develop Your Intuition. You can make better decisions!
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“I’ve read numerous books on developing and using intuition and have been looking for agood video on the subject for years. I’ve now found it. I am very impressed with yourintuition videotape, have watched it several times, and will watch it many more times. Bravo for a great product at an incredibly low price. This has got to be the intuition-aficionado’s bargain of the year.

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Ibrahima Bathily

In 1995 I learned about the “Intuition at Work” conference in Denver, Colorado. Many of instructors there were Ph.D. ’s or had other impressive credentials (see below). I was able to ask them to describe how they go about improving their intuition and use it to make decisions.

227920_1043642578868_41_nI interviewed them and created a video from those interviews.

The video changed the way I make decisions and it will do the same for you.

Hi! My name is Ray Adler and I produced the Improving Your Intuition video and course. In 1995 I was at a major crossroad in my life and needed answers. I decided to see if I could Improve my intuition (gut instincts) and apply it in decision making.

See why over 30,000 people have enjoyed our videos, DVD and course.

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 How many times have you said “I knew I should have done that?

Tips for Improving Your Intuition

Learn to be an observer of people and situations. You need to detach yourself from your feelings in order to make effective decisions and predictions.

Understand the difference between impulse and intuition. Intuition does not come usually with highly charged emotion. Ask yourself, is this my fear, my hopes or is it really my gut instinct. 

Meditation is important.

Keep a journal of your hunches and you will learn how often you are right.

In the book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill describes sitting in an imaginary board of directors environment. Who are your heroes and mentors?  Imagine posing your question, to each of your advisors. What would their response be, from their point of view.

Be patient. Learning to trust your intuition is a lifelong process.

intuition Einstein picture

jeff mishlove

This video portrays some of today’s leading teachers and trainers in the field of intuition, speaking from their experience and offering practical tips on how to cultivate and apply your intuitive abilities.”

“I recommend it as one of the best programs available in the field.”

Dr. Jeffery Mishlove Ph.D.  Director, Intuition Network

The teachers in this course are Ph.D’s, authors and professors who have advised titans of industry and government!

Alan Vaughan Ph.D. – Alan stunned many in the field of parapsychology in 1968 when he wrote an urgent letter from Germany alan v warning of the impending assassination of Robert F. Kennedy—just weeks before the actual event. He is an internationally known authority on intuitive phenomenon, precognition and prophetic dreams. He has written numerous books and scientifically demonstrated such skills as solving crimes, finding sunken ships, remote viewing, telepathy and precognition.


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