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The How to make smart decisions by developing your intuition! course, gives concrete examples of how intuition has helped others make healthful and profitable life decisions—and how you can do the same!

  • Learn to make confident decisions that feel right

  • Use your inner voice to guide you to progress, profit and happiness

  • Spark your creativity and innovation

    Find out the secrets to developing your intuition.

Course includes chapters for easy navigation and bonus segments not on the video.

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 “Love it!  I learned A LOT!” Mary Elizabeth   

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“One of the best programs available in the field.”–Dr. Jeffery Mishlove Ph.D.  Director,

Intuition Network


 “If your intuition isn’t as sharp as you would like it to be, Check out this video!”

“Check out this video!”

 Now you may be saying: “Intuition, either you have it or you don’t.” That’s true. Some people are more intuitive then others. The video includes lots of techniques and exercises to assist you in connecting with your intuition. So you can find what works best for you. Intuition can come in many forms like an image, a “still small voice,” a dream or a gut feeling. The video will help you figure out  how to interpret your images or feelings and help you connect the dots from hunch to decision.

The featured speakers in this video, have advised titans of industry and government!  The interviews for this video were done at the “Intuition at Work: From Insight to Application,” conference, that was held in Denver, Colorado, in November 1995, and still remain relevant to this day!

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We recently re-mastered the Improving Your Intuition video  and created the How to make smart decisions by developing your intuition! with chapters for easy navigation and bonus segments not on the video.

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 “Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.” – Steve Jobs



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